About Us

What is GOT 1’s 6?

Got 1’s 6 is a Veteran owned and operated athletic apparel company that specializes in custom team sports uniforms. We support athletes, veterans, public defenders, and our communities. We take pride in our attention to detail in our service and products.

The Softball Connect App is a free social network where slowpitch fans, athletes, coaches, sponsors, and influencers can connect with the softball community and the best products, tournaments, and latest softball news.

The Got 1’s 6 Fitness community provides a support and motivation system for a healthy mind, body, and spirit. People can come to us to find a brotherhood and a sense of belonging and know we’ll always have each other’s back !!!

The #Got1s6Krew is comprised of veterans and military families, athletes, and coaches. Each of us is held to a high standard of excellence and we’re passionate about our core values which makes each member a critical piece to the success of our company. 

What Does “Got 1’s 6” Mean?

/gat wuns six/

U.S. military slang for “got your back.”

When a soldier encounters a dangerous or life threatening situation in battle, another soldier would offer to help ensure their survival, even if the mission ends in failure …

Our Promise – We Got Your 6 !!!

Our brand’s core values are HONOR, LOYALTY, and HUMILITY, and we’re committed to providing our clients with supreme service and quality products while treating them with respect and attentiveness.

From your purchasing experience and the timely delivery of your products to the quality and style of our apparel, we’re obsessed with exceeding your expectations and making the hottest styles and best quality products available to you at an affordable rate.

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