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Softball Connect App

The Softball Connect App

Connect with the entire world of softball !!!

Download the free app, set up your profile, and start connecting with softball athletes and tournaments, recruiting for your team, getting recognized by sponsors and influencers, and showcase your softball skills.


iPhone and iPad

iPhone and iPad

iPhone and iPad


Ranked #11 in Sports App on iTunes within 2 days of launching on the iTunes Store


iPhone and iPad

iPhone and iPad


Ranked #1 Trending App the day it launched on the Google Play Store

A one-stop-shop Social Network for all things softball

Connect with athletes, teams, and sponsors with the social media features and groups

Connect with athletes, teams, and sponsors with the social media features and groups

Watch live streams and games

Direct and group messaging

Follow Signature Athletes and learn from their tips and techniques

Follow John King's app-exclusive content

View and register for tournaments and events

Follow tournament news, updates, and highlights

Get group discounts and travel deals with our free travel agent service

Raffles on all your favorite softball gear and apparel

What they're saying

Within their first 24 hours of public launch, the App had 5,000 members & was ranked #1 Trending App

The Softball Connect App – the only “softball social network” App of its kind – featuring community posts, groups, and newsfeeds, live streaming, direct and group messaging, all the biggest softball influencers, and tournament registries listing all major Associations.

Within their first 24 hours of public launch, the App had 5,000 members and was ranked #1 Trending App on Google and #11 in Sports Apps on the Apple Store.

This App is expanding softball as we know it and bringing the sport, the passion, and the community together on 1 online platform to interact, network, and share our love for the game. People are describing it as “The Grand Slam of Softball Social Media” and “the entire softball world in the palm of your hands.”

- Softball Center

Softball Connect has revolutionized the way softball athletes connect with each other!

Got 1’s 6 announced the launch of the Softball Connect App on May 22, and within 24 hours, over 5,000 members joined and began posting and interacting. The viral attention and growth allowed the community app to rank #1 Trending App on Google Play and #11 in Sports on the Apple Store.

Young up-and-coming softballers can use the app to get tips and lessons from the very best in the business, with athletes showcasing their techniques in exclusive content and groups. It is also a great place for them to network and break into the sport: Scouts and coaches use the community to find the best new talent out there. The platform is not just helping the Got 1’s 6 community: it is giving back to the sport itself too and allowing it to thrive.

Within 60 days of launching, it attracted almost 10,000 members, and its continued growth is a testament that the app has become the online softball platform. It has brought everything softball related into one place, accessible for all. Got 1’s 6 hit a homerun with Disciple.

- Disciple Media


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